Time-lapse Using a Webcam

Check out JaGe090879’s amazing time-lapse video of a Gecko being eaten by ants. A lot of times when I build something or do a tear down I want to record the entire process the same way. That way when I need to put it back together I can remember the steps. Using my PC and a simple script I automated my setup to record a snapshot every few seconds. It’s a bare bones setup and I’ve tested it to work on most windows Xp and 7PCs. Feel free to use it for your projects. [download after the break]

I can’t take credit for all the software, the webcam control is a derivative of rysiora from Poland’s work.  I just implemented the time-lapse portion. The whole program is written in AutoIT, a great free scripting language that lets you manipulate and simulate the windows user interface.


Step 1) Download Exe
Step 2) Run Exe
Step 3) Set the timing (hit pgup/pgdn to increase or decrease while running)
Step 4) Hit F1 if you want to  take an instant snapshot
Step 5) Hit esc to exit
Step 6) Find your pictures in the same directory
Step 7) Profit

Got a computer with a webcam? Great!

Running Windows XP or 7? Excellent!

Running a MAC OS or Linux? Sorry the AutoIt language doesn’t work on those. Womp womp womp….

Download Program [exe]
WebCam Time Lapse

Download the source code [zip]
Webcam Time Lapse

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