The Mega Claw – Prizes (7 of 9)

So what kind of prizes does a massive claw machine have? Well we all chipped in and bought over $700 in prizes for Maker Faire. All the earnings will be used to power Splitreaction’s web fees, projects and cost of the machine. We certainly like the prizes. We hope you guys will too! Also since we hate unfair claw machines, the MEGA CLAW will be a PRIZE EVERY TIME!

In fact to sweeten the deal we will raffle a Nintendo Wii as a grand prize, mailed to the winner’s house. It will start as one Wii for the event, but if we recoup our machine cost we will add more prizes. Since it’s win every time we don’t want the first player to grab the Wii and run away. Also we don’t want to bury the winning prize at the bottom because that’s just being mean. The best way to give everyone who’s supporting us a fair chance to win is by making the Wii a raffle. In the machine raffle tickets will be attached to special balloons. Some balloons may have many tickets, some may only have one.  We will also sell the raffles on the side for anyone who is not interested in playing the machine, but wishes to help us fund our next project.

This is a really cool tool pen we got customized with our site. Limited Quantity, only 36.

It spins, it bounces, it flies!

We felt jipped in the Mp3 experiment #6 so we decided to order hundreds of bats and hammers for the machine.

Here are Dave & Andrey showcasing how to use the bats and hammers

Table of contents

The Mega Claw – Intro (Splash)

The Mega Claw – Logistics (1 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Concepts and Experiments (2 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Claaaaw (3 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Joystick (4 of 9)

The Mega Claw – The Frame (5 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Electronics & Software (6 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Prizes (7 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Maker Faire (8 of 9)

The Mega Claw – Summary (9 of 9)

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