Maker Faire Day 1

So we made it though our first day of Maker Faire. It was insane how many people were there. We quickly realized we had a lot to learn! People loved the 3D models of the claw game and got such a kick out of seeing the giant claw move. Sadly the machine was broken 50% of the time. All the dust was ruining the belts and end stops. We even broke the u joint for the controller three times, sparks were flying, literally, as we grinded parts back into shape. We’re really sad we barely got any time to visit the other stands since we were repairing so much.

We’re 25% of the way to recouping the cost of the machine, hopefully we kicked most of the kinks out of it. The motors are starting to act funny, so signs are pointing to some catastrophic failure midday tomorrow. Get there early if you’re still interested in playing. We’ve changed the rules so it’s gonna be even more fun.

Also Wii Raffle holders, your chances of winning are 1 in 40 as of Sept 25th 11:24 pm. Be sure to check back here on Monday the 27th when we announce the winner.

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