Epilog Challenge

Instructables and Epilog is sponsoring a competition to win a $8K Epilog Zing Laser cutter. We don’t know why its called a Zing but we want it. :-)

We have a few ideas we are are testing to see how Green they really are. No not moldy green, but rather environmentally friendly green. The idea of the laser cutter contest is to create an instructable that is both environmentally friendly and awesomely epic.

I believe its even part of the requirements. Well we plan to create something more than epic. Perhaps even more than legendary. Not just mediocre or novel, we plan to introduce an idea that is green in every sense of the way to the point of generating power.

Hopefully if we win we can kit our idea if there is enough public interest and we can sell the services to have other DIYers etch and cut parts for a low cost since the cost of the laser will reduce the immediate cost of manufacturing. Hopefully any additional revenue could be placed into create something even more awesome.

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